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About First Mate Boat Sales

Based out of gorgeous Grafton Harbor, IL, First Mate Boat Sales is your reliable companion for all things related to buying and selling your boat.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process, getting you the boat you need for best price.

Our website is still under construction but you can check out some of our boat listings already up on the Our Boats page! And if you have any questions, head to our Contact page to get in touch!


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Phone: 573-216-0755

Email: bob@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 314-603-0163

Email: joeb@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 618-946-3352

Email: brad@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 618-660-6541

Email: joed@firstmateboatsales.com  


Phone: 314-302-8820

Email: mark@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 618-973-2684

Email: dennis@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 314-795-2409

Email: ken@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 314-363-8235

Email: barry@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 314-276-1687

Email: matt@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 314-650-3688

Email: bill@firstmateboatsales.com

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Phone: 314-941-8530

Email: jeff@firstmateboatsales.com